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Apartment1G will serve as a gallery for our corporate, retail and consumer clients who wish to view just some of our products.

Our Business Philosophy

The objective of our business is to provide a quality product and reliable service for our customers.   We hope you will enjoy visiting our web site and using our products as much as we enjoyed providing them for you. We may not be big but we do pride ourselves in serving the customer, the old fashioned way.  Most of all, we have fun - as life without fun, is like a sundae without chocolate sauce.

Apartment 1G is named in the memory of someone very special and dear to us.

Our Company

Welcome to our web site!  

The firm behind Apartment1G is Publicite Ad FactoryÒ Inc of Montreal. Started in 1984 and coining the slogan, "the fun, unique promotion people" - we have strived to offer our clients a unique selection of products for all types of events.The bulk of our work is down with corporate accounts and museum gift shops for custom imprinted merchandise for any event. Over the last few years we have moved into working with various retail accounts along the same lines and while doing this we have stumbled into new areas and frontiers that we just could not resist. Our role is that of a distributor and or creator/manufacturer of promotional items and gift products. We are a former member of The Canadian Museums Association (CMA) and are presently members of the Advertising Specialty Institute(ASI), American Association of Museums(AAM) and the International Association Of Amusement Parks And Attractions (IAAPA).

Why should someone use a promotional product

In business you're searching for every way possible to leverage each marketing dollar. Always looking for ways to increase awareness and exposure in very competitive markets, without spending a small fortune on advertising.

Well, just imagine, that your best customers and prospects can see your company logo or your name each and every morning!   Or every time they start their cars. Imagine a form of advertising that's disguised as a gift - so your clients actually thank you for reminding them of who you are.

I'm talking about the unique benefits of promotional products. We can put your company name on virtually any product - mugs, key chains, pens , awards, hats, T-shirts, radios, watches.  And that's just a few of the approximately 600,000 items that can make a lasting - and favorable - impression on  your customers. And create results.   Remember a promotional product can be given away for free to clients, sold as a souvenir/retail product in your gift shop, used as a corporate gift, given to employees as a reward for long time services,  used as a gift with purchase product when clients buy a certain item,  used at trade shows, grand openings, new product launches, holiday events and more.

The fact remains you can pay a lot for a traditional print, radio and or tv ad that will last for a only short time. Or you can invest in a much more cost-effective advertising medium that is kept by your prospects for repeated exposure. Not just once, but time and time again. Day after day. Month after month. Each time the product is used.

But I'm not a big corporation

No problem, in todays fast paced digital world, we can offer you full color items in very small quantites.  We work with all size budgets, in our field there is something for everyone.  We even offer great deals on full color business cards and imprinted gifts for party and wedding favors too.
Remember specialty advertising doesn't cost - IT PAYS!   Our products outlast traditional media (radio, television, newspapers, magazines).  An iprintd product can help you market your name, your service, your brand and most important your image

We've got tons of ideas, oodles of creativity and more products just for you, so drop us a line

Thank you for visiting - the only company that can truly call itself "the fun, unique promotion and party people".   
Serving clients across North America since 1984 in the corporate, museum,
retail, government, promotional, souvenir and wedding markets.

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