Toronto International Gift Fair January 2007
Booth 1828
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Product Lines:

Beetle DVD/CD Player(looks like a real VW bug)  with FM radio -16 x 5 x 6 inches, hood opens to reveal controls and bumper opens to for cd/dvd placement, tires are acutally speakers!

Beetle dvd, cd player. jpg  Beetle dvd, cd player with open bumper. jpg  Beetle dvd cd player, wheels are actually speakers. jpg.

Coin Banks
   Bamboo Ballpoint Pen
   EcoSpun® T-Shirts & Tote Bags
   Exotic Paper Company® - Ellie Poo, Rhino Poo & recycled paper
   Friendly Markers®
   Green Pen
   Liquid Clocks (no batteries - runs on juice, soda, water, beer)
   Paper, Kenaf & Reed Pens
   Pocket Ashtray
   Stiki-taki® Notes
   Woodfree Pencils
   Twig Pencils
Eredi Rocca Genesio Balloons
Floral Soap
Gift Certificates, Gift & Reward Cards -
Gift Italia Scarves
Global Friends Plush
Green Gifts & Purple Frogs Collection

Logo Ice Cubes (reuseable, refreezeable ice cubes filled with distilled water - ice cubes can have full color message or logo contained inside for souvenir and ad promotion uses).

   Clifton® - Australia
   Shelta® - Australia
ZScratcher - lottery key ring

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