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Floral Management Magazine(USA)
October 2000

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August 2000

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March 2000

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(Paris, France)
March/April 2000

As the North American Distributor of Floral Soap Petals we are pleased to introduce to you a line of unique and wonderful floral soaps.  We have been known to refer to them as Bloomin' Floral Soaps too at times.

What makes our floral soaps so special - is that each actual petal is actually a piece of hand or facial soap.   Each soap comes packaged with our unique straw grass soap.  Yes, folks it looks like straw (resembles easter grass like that used in gift baskets) but it too is actually jasmine scented soap.  

In general most soaps contain alkalinity but our soap is very good to our skin containing "weak acid" ideal pH 6 + 0.5 .  Hygenic value, most soaps are used by more than one person, with our soap petals/leaves - just one is enough for personal use.

Also featured  is The Original Bubble Bath Confetti. Great for kids of all ages and makes bath time fun again, even festive!

For special accounts we are able to reproduce any fragrance or your own custom scent, subject to certain minimums. These soaps will delight women of all ages and are great gifts for any occasion.
We can also accomodate custom requests for packaging (subject to certain minimums) and private labelling of any of our soap products in a variety of different ways including soap petals in vellum envelopes.

PRODUCT NOTE : Our product line is from the original manufacturer, there are some copies available from other sources.  We would also like to mention that soap petals if they are the exact same quality as ours' they are not Made in France.

NEW Green Floral Leaf Soap.  Rose scented, dark green leaves , they look so lifelike just off a garden rose bush.  jpg.
NEW Green Floral Leaf Soap.
Rose scented, dark green leaves,
they look so lifelike just off a garden rose bush

Mult-coloured Bubble Bath Confetti - The Original Brand
The Original Bubble Bath Confetti, Jasmine scented and multicolored.

Individual jasmin scented floral soap petals, assorted colours, packed in clear plastic cylinder with unique straw grass soap.  Straw grass soap looks like straw but it too, turns into soap when used with water, also jasmin scented and comes in assorted colours.
     Individual Floral Soap Petals with straw grass soap        
     assorted colours, packaged in clear plastic cylinder,              
Fragrance is Jasmine.  

Rose Blossom, each petal is actual soap, assorted colours.  Jasmin scented.   Packed in clear round plastic container and packed with straw grass jamsin scented soap too.
Rose Blossom Soap with straw grass soap, assorted
colours, packaged in clear round plastic container
Fragrance is jasmine.

Long stem rose floral soap, each rose petal is actual jasmin scented soap, comes packed with unique straw grass soap, jasmin scented in clear plastic cylinder.            Long Stem Tulip floral soap, each tulip petal is actual jasmin scented soap, includes jsamin scented straw grass soap, packed in clear plastic cylinder
Shown, on left Long Stem Rose Soap and on right,
Long Stem Tulip Soap with straw grass soap.
Each rose/tulip petal is real soap along with straw grass.
Fragrance is jasmine.

Soap Leaves in Paper Folder.  Each leaf of soap is paper thin and is a little smaller than a business card size.  Delightful french fragrance.  Each fragrance represents a different color soap leaf.  Transparent .gif      SOAP LEAVES In Paper Folder

   Soap Leaves are very convenient to use
   anywhere. Can be carried in a pocket or
   handbag as both soap and  perfume.  
   Suitable as a promotional item for Hotels,  
   Airlines, and Restaurants with a custom
   printed folder.  Superior ingredients and
   great hygienic values.  French fragrance  
   and delightful colors, each fragrance is a
   different color soap leaf.  Soap will dissolve
   completely in warm water forming abundant

Detergent Soap Leaves also available upon request - great for travel promotions!

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