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Hey Welcome to my new flat at apartment1g!
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Hi Gang

Thanks for stopping by!
You would be amazed at all the neat eco items I am finding and even creating for all my new eco pals!
Excuse, the mess, while I re-decorate this flat..

Meet Rubbish Gurls' new line of eco recycled trash turned into amazing products!

It has long been said that, what's one mans' garbage is another mans' gold or shouldn't that be one gurls' rubbish is another gurls gold!

Below are some recycled circuit board products such as key rings, mouse pad, binder.
Coming Soon - look for note pad holder, checkbook cover, business card holder, cd holder, clock,clipboard too.

Key rings, square, round, rectangle shapes made from recycled printed circuit boards.   jpg.   Mouse pad made from recycled printed circuit boards,  jpg.  Binder  made from recycled printed circuit boards.   jpg.

Catch you on the fly gals and gents.- check back soon for more details.

Watch for Rubbish Gurl Products to turn up in your city soon but not the trash.

By the way ladies and moms, next time you just might want to think twice
before you tell your better half or kids to take out the trash!

Watch our for Rubbish Guy® too!  
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