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The Ellie Poo Paper Company established in 1999, helps with the conservation of the Sri Lankan elephants (also known as Elephas Maximus Maximus) by paying remote villagers to collect the elephant dung, clean it and turn it into a pulp. It is then made into our unique recycled elephant dung paper at the Frogmore Paper Mill in Hemel Hempstead, UK.

Your money from Ellie Poo Paper Company sales will help pay for an ethical and efficient paper production with 5% of Ellie Poo Paper profits being reinvested back into Sri Lanka to provide skills training, local employment, education and support to villagers and helping to improve social and cultural relations.

Recycled paper by Ellie Poo contains elephant dung and is totally biodegradable and our recycled paper contains no harmful bacteria to humans, animals or the environment after it has been cleansed using natural non-chlorine methods.

Ellie Poo recycled elephant dung paper received Green Globe 21 approval over 3 years ago and is the only company to have achieved this high standard of sustainability.  Our products are 100% recycled

The Sri Lankan elephant (also known as the Elephas maximus maximus) is a subspecies of the elephant family and is confined to the island of Sri Lanka (65,605 sq km or 25,332 sq miles) off the southern coast of India. Although there is no accurate census available, it is estimated that about 2,500 - 3,000 elephants are still found in the wild and a further 500 are held in captivity.

ElliePoo Paper can be supplied for stationery, business cards, envelopes, notebooks, memopads, greeting cards, reams of 500 sheets blank and or custom imprinted to your specifications.  All our papers can be used with inkjet and or laser printers, photocopy machnes, offset printing presses and foil stamping equipement.

The aim of the Ellie Poo Paper Company is to promote the idea to villagers that Ellie can be a friend to them. By collecting Elephant dung (adults produce approximately 1 tonne per week) and turning it into pulp and paper, Ellie is providing the raw materials for a small business which creates local employment which in turn trains villagers with new skills, educates and supports villagers and aids improvement with social and cultural relations. The Ellie Poo Paper Company pays villagers for collecting the elephant dung plus we inflate their charges by 5%. This extra money is held in trust by our contact in Sri Lanka and can be drawn upon by the community. Also, 5% of our profits, when our goods are sold, are also given to the Sri Lankan people to support them locally. At the very least, we propose to change the mindset of villagers by helping them realise that they can earn a living from the elephant and its droppings therefore bring peace between them.

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Ellie Poo Paper
Stationery Pack
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Ellie Poo Paper Sample
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Ellie Poo Paper
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Ellie Poo Paper
 Memo block
In addition to The original ElliePoo paper we are adding the following recycled paper to our line:
Banana paper (also know to our staff as EllieEats Paper)
Coffee paper (also know to our staff as EllieEats Paper)
Grass paper (also know to our staff as EllieEats Paper)
Straw paper (also know to our staff as EllieEats Paper)
Earl Grey Tea paper
Recycled British Currency paper
Recycled British Postage Stamp paper

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