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We believe that eliminating plastic resource waste is our biggest challenge in the days ahead.  Would you like to start doing something friendly for the Earth ?

"Paper Pen", a paper tube ballpoint pen, is an Eco Mark certified product using recycled paper for its pen
barrel and cap.  The most environment-friendly ballpoint pen usage is to continue using the same pen by replacing refills.  However, the variety of refills is so abundant these days that in reality, it is difficult to replace pens with the exact refills.  As a result, pens are often thrown away after the ink is used up.  Though recycled plastic products are also being used, 50% of those used products end up in the waste basket without being effectively utilized.  

Paper Pen  shown with black ink refill and or red ink refill.

Standard Model shown is brown kraft paper barrel with black and or red ink refill.  Other color paper barrels and ink refills available upon request.   Can be custom imprinted with your logo or message.

An Environmentally Conscious Product :

Pen barrels and caps are made of recycled papers. Pens can be separated for trash after use.  Plastic is only used in the pens' refill only.  Our unique finger grip feature has been applied on the paper as a slide stopper rather than using resin.  A natural type of glue is used and the printing ink on the pen's surface does not contain metal materials in consideration for the environment.  The brown recycled "Paper Pen" is an
"Eco Mark Product". Environmentally sound product certified by Eco Mark Bureau, Japan Environment Association. Certified number:00112033

The head of the cap is opened for securing an air route in case of infant's accidental ingestion. The brown hole on the side of the cap prevents refill protrusion.

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