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Business Card Notebooks - your business card made into a small pocket notebook !
Sprial bound version business card notebooks are made in Canada/USA (left).
   Adhesive note book version with blank, white adhesive business card sized
note sheets, made in USA (right).
Ask about custom printing options for both versions of our business card notebooks.

Business Card Notebook, Your custom printed business card made into a small coil bound notebook with blank pages inside.  Business card printed in 1-4 colour process.  jpg.        Adhesive business card size notebook made with your business card on front cover.  jpg.

Environmentally friendly PaperWood paper-thin real wood veneer coupled with modern ingenuity gives you a high quality, genuine wood grain sheet of honest to good real paper that looks and feels like wood.  Each sheet is unique, acid free and photo safe.   You can print on it (foil stamping/inkjet/laser/color copiers/paint, ballpoint pen, pencil, markers) fold it and cut it too !    Available in the following wood finishes: Aspen, Basswood, Birch, Birdseye Maple, Cherry, Cork, Eastern Red Cedar, Maple, Oak and Walnut.   Not all finishes may be ideally suitable for all uses/projects.   Use it for letters, business cards, envelopes and more.

Birch PaperWood(tm) Sample Swatch. jpg.   Cherry PaperWood(tm) Sample Swatch. jpg.   Walnut PaperWood(tm) Sample Swatch. jpg.
 Birch PaperWood   Cherry PaperWood  Walnut PaperWood

Yellow and Black Stock Donut CArry Out Box with Happy Face Design and Have A Great Day written on the front of the box.  jpg.   Stock House Style Donut Box. jpg   Stock Halloween Style Donut Box jpg   Stock Travel Suit Case Style Donut Box. jpg
Stock & Custom Candy, Cookie, Donut and PIzza Boxes
   Boost your business with your own custom Candy, Cookie, Donut and or Pizza boxes !
   Or use one of our 12 stock theme designs - from money, happy day, medical, travel etc.   
 Other custom boxes include ones for Bagels, Cookies, Candies and Golf Balls.
   Our boxes are foodsafe and can be used for muffins, popcorn, etc.  

Flip Flops, Sandals, Logo Sandals
Flip Flop Sandals with custom imprint. jpg      Layer Sandals with custom imprint. jpg       Logo Sandals, your name or logo die cut in the bottom of the sandal.  Leaves your name or logo stamped in the sand when you walk on the beach. jpg

3 styles of sandals - traditional flip flops, layer sandals and logo sandals (where you name or logo leaves an imprint in the sand).   Various color options and thicknesses available.

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