Green PenÔ
Hi, I'm Mais - the unique ballpoint pen made from corn!   In fact, I'm the only pen that was born in a European cornfield.   Created with Mother Nature and modern technology, Green Pen is made by a world class writing instrument manufacturer in Italy.   We look and feel as if we were made from plastic but we're not, corn starch and cellulose combined is what I'm made of, which makes me biodegradable within 12-24 months of being disposed of in a landfill or garbage.   

If you prefer to get technical, I'm made from Mater-Bi, a corn starch based material which is recyclable and leaves no metal or toxic residues, thanks to my natural composition.   

Mater-Bi A1 was born from the Earth and returns to the Earth without affecting the ecosystem. The only part of the pen that is not made of corn starch and cellulose is my ink cartridge.

We offer the Original Square Barrel Pen, Modern Push-Clik Pen/Mechanical Pencil and The Flower Pen which contains a little bottom cap filled with flower seeds, plant the cap in soil and watch the seeds sprout and bloom while the cap decomposes into the soil.  The cap also acts as a fertilizer
for the seeds.

Our pens are non-toxic, the colours of our green pens are achieved by the use of food grade quality food colourings.  It should be noted that these pens due to their material composition can be slightly
more fragile than regular plastic made pens and may be susceptible to high heat and humidity
temperatures changes.

I might add, folks, that I was chosen as The Official Ballpoint Pen of The World Conference 1992 on Ecology in Rio de Janeiro.

We also have the capacity to offer you custom paper products made from corn paper and with cover/card stock made of seaweed.   All of our Green Pen products are available for custom imprinting.

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