Friendly Markers
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Friendly Markers are made for people who not only think about what to write
Also what they write with !

The Green way to get your message across!

All friendly markers are green !  Questions were asked and we answered them with a totally new product called Friendly Markers.  The barrel is made of recyclable and biodegradable materials and are just as functional as their counterparts.  Even are inks are green - anyone who uses are markers are writing with water or alcoholbased ink, which is free from chlorinated or aromatic solvents.   Even though our markers are green, we do promise to supply ink in other colours !

Carries the Nordic EcoLabel Seal and comes in the following models:
Marker colours - black, red, blue and green inks.
Highlighter colours - yellow, blue, pink and green inks.
Water based permanent markers (chisel/bullet tips)
Highlighters (chisel tip)
Alcohol based permanent markers (chisel/bullet tips)
Whiteboard markers (chisel/bullet tips)
Flipchart markers (chisel/bullet tips)

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