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Logo Toaster
Logo Toaster - your company name or logo will be toasted into each slice of bread.  3 style toasters colors available: Classic, White & Two tone. jpg

A twist on the classic 2 slice toaster !

Your logo is toasted right onto each slice of bread.

Toaster feature includes a cool safe touch wall design and
removable slide out tray for easy cleaning.  Toasters available
in Classic Chrome, White and decorative plastic models. New stock designed generic logo toaster plates!

Photo handbags, photo totebags, photo cosmetic bags ( black and white logo) jpg.
Custom Photo Handbags, Photo Purses, Photo Tote/Diaper Bags, Photo Cosmetics Bags
for use as party/wedding favors, birthday gifts, contest prizes,
new product launches, gift with purchase programmes.
High quality bags made with your own color and or black & white photo/logo/image.
Same quality as offered by many fine USA retailers now available.
We'll even take your order for one custom bag !

Chocolate covered sunflower seeds (Gemmies), available in 11 colors. The new chic , trendy and tasty gift and treat in one. jpg.     Question: What do you get when you place
      healthy sunflower seeds in a vat of delicious    
      chocolate ?

       Answer : Chocolate Gem Seeds a taste sensation
       unlike anything else in the world !   Choose from 11
       different colored coatings to promote your event,
       company, wedding, team, school.  Various      
       packaging options available.

Prize Wheels
Black table top clicker style prize wheel. jpg.Now you can have your own wheel of fortune, prizes, money, gifts, etc. The Clicker Style is the more traditional wheel with a pointer that "clicks" between each segment. The clicking sound helps build excitement as it spins! The Roulette Style has two balls inside the wheel that bounce around until they land in one or more of the prize segments. The ball action builds anticipation. Before spinning, choose which color ball will be the winner.  Floor, Tabletop and Wall Mount models available.  You can customize each triangle section of the wheel using our template as well as placing your logo in the centre of the wheel.  Minimum order is just 1 !  Ideal for contests, employee motivation, birthday celebrations, company parties, events, sales incentives and reward programs.
Click on the prize wheel to view our website!

Color-Me Products logo. gif
Looking for a great and fun promos/souvenirs/prizes/party favors for children ?  Think of our Color-Me range of products from Color-Me Rulers, Color-Me Puzzles, Color-Me Magnets, Color-Me T-Shirts, Color-Me Buttons, Color-Me Photo Frames, Color-Me Pennants. All available with stock and or custom designs.
 Outlined version of our color-me cookies. An edible sugar cookie. You use FDA approved food coloring markers. jpg. Fun Designs shown.  Colored in version of our color-me cookies. An edible sugar cookie. You use approved FDA food coloring markers jpg  Outlined version of our color-me cookies. An edible sugar cookie. You use FDA approved food coloring markers. jpg. Dinosaur designs shown.
Color-Me Cookies
(yes, they are edible sugar cookies and you use FDA approved food coloring markers).

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