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Bamboo Pen and Twig Pencils
Not shown twig pencils with rainbow colored lead

Mini Bins

   Mini bins, exact working miniatures, shown are green front end container keychain, dark green 

front end container and dark green roll out cart, made form recycled post consumer material polystrene and or polyethylene.  Can be imprinted with company logos.    Mini bins, miniature replicas - shown mini box in green, red and yellow; recycling mini box keychain in green or blue; mini recycling / refuse cart key chain in blue.  All can be imprinted with company logos.

Mini bins are made from polystyrene or polyethylene with a minimum of 25% post consumer material.  Can be custom imprinted, ideal for trade shows,retail items, eco-related events.  Addition of products such as candy, flower seeds, etc., areavailable
upon special request.

Remember we also have access to other environmentally friendly products including:

Recycled Pencils made from denim, currency, newspaper !
Recycled Shaped Pencils - Bentcils line of shaped pencils now made from recycled denim,
peanut shells and or currency.
Ballpoint Stick Pens made from recycled tires, currency, newspaper and or plastic !
Rulers made from recycled denim, newspaper, yellow pages and sawdust !
Recycled Rulers and Plastic Flyers from Australia etc.
Even paper products and tree-free paper.
Corn Mugs - Yes made in the USA corn plastic drink mugs!  An alternative to regular plastic and
a great addition to our Eco product line!
New 36 oz. Poly-Pure Sports Bottle is molded with food-safe PETE resin. It has the same heavy wall construction and durability as our polycarbonate bottles. PETE is a BPA-free alternative to polycarbonate.
New Eco items available throughout the year.

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