EcoSpun Clothing
ecospun, fortrel logo - the renewable resource, trademarks of Wellman Inc (USA).
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Ecospun clothing is derived from plastic soft drink bottles, PET containers are sorted by type and colour, cleaned, crushed and chopped into flakes.  These tiny particles are then melted and produce
a thick liquid that is extruded through large shower head devices to form fibrous polyester strands. The fibers are then crimped, cut and baled.  Clothing manufacturers then take the fibers and use them to knit or make woven fabric.  Fleece is one of the fabrics that can be achieved by this method and is almost identical to non EcoSpun fleece.  Ecospun is a soft and color-fast product achieved without the use of herbicides or pesticides.

EcoSpun, made of 100% recycled plastic bottles, has been independently certified by Scientific Certification Systems.  All testing standards have been met, including strength, shrinkage and color fastness.

Fortrel and Ecospun are registered trademarks of Wellman, Inc., the world's largest plastics
recycler.  Products are made in the USA.

For EcoSpun fabrics - the inks used in custom printing are No Lead, No PVC, Non-Phthalate,as environmental as they can get for polyester or polyester blend product. Water based inks are usually not used with polyester. Nestle Water USA had the inks used on our EcoSpun items tested independently for a warehouse club promotion and they passed all Nestle Quality Control Tests.

Available products include:

Woven tote bags and aprons.
New Non-Woven EcoSpun® in white and kraft fabric bags offer an eco friendly product at a  lower cost.
Organic Cotton tote bags are now available.
Carry All bags including duffle bags, lunch bags, backpacks, briefcase and safari bags in black,
khaki, forest, sage, royal and cranberry.
T-shirts 50% Ecospun and 50% Post Industrial Waste Cotton in natural and white.
Baseball Caps - 100% EcoSpun or 50/50.  Woven material colours include white, black, khaki,
forest, royal.   Knit material colours include white, black and ash.  Mesh bakings come in white or black.
Specialty Items - courier pouch, pencil case, mini coin pouch with key ring, credit card holder,
neck wallet, folio case made with 100% Ecospun in black, khaki, forest, royal colors.

All products mentioned above can be imprinted or embroidered with your company name or logo.

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