Chocolate and more...
We offer a wide variety of stock and personalized chocolate products for a number of events. From corporate, holiday, fundraising, retail sales, individual uses, product launches, parties & weddings. We are proud to feature some of the best quality tasting treats money can buy. Including foil wrapped novelty chocolates(moo balls, sports balls, earth balls), mouthwatering, sinful, scrumptious party candies and mints(like cheesecake caramels, chocolate razzcherries, chocolate strawberry balls), WallabeansÒ - the fat free jelly bean that explodes with flavour in varieties you never even dreamed of (like a graham cracker flavored jelly bean), to personalized chocolate coins, bars, candy rolls and much more... We also offer custom packaging from the whimsical to the elegant, just another part of our creative flair.   We do have some organic chocolate products available, please ask for more details.
Red Apple shaped gift box features chocolate carmel enter balls wrapped in red and gold foil to resemble mini apples, our own packaging concept.

Apple shaped two piece
box - contains yummy
chocolate balls with a creamy caramel center, each one is wrapped in foil to resemble a mini apple (our own packaging concept).
Round plastic clear container holds an assortment of foil wrapped chocolate flowers( daisies, panises, roses, violets and sunflowers ).  Originally created for the Montreal Biodome gift shop.
Mini chocolate foil wrapped flowers (daisy, rose, pansy, sunflower assortment) packed in a clear five inch round plastic container-originally created for The
Montreal Biodome gift shop.
Mini foil wrapped chocolate fish packaged in clear plastic chest  concept created for Montreal Biodome  and Vancouver Aquarium gift shops.

Twelve mini foil wrapped chocolate fish packed in clear plastic chest - created for The Montreal Biodome and The Vancouver Aquariums'
ClamShell Gift Shop.
Peace On Earth - clear glass Christmas Tree shaped container with removeable bottom lid filled with mini foil wrapped chocolate Earthballs and mini foil wrapped silver, gold, and red chocolate balls.  Our own packaging concept.
Peace on Earth -
a re-useable glass tree shaped container holds mini foil wrapped chocolate Earth balls and assorted red, gold and silver wrapped chocolate balls (our own creation).
Examples of custom/personalized  regular and mini candy bars, (we now offer personalized bars made with CallebautÒ Chocolate) roll candy wrappers and chocolate coins (clown face coin, restaurant/hotel coin, wedding/party favor coin)  for any occasion, party, event, product launch, thank you, new borns, weddings, birthdays and many more events. Chocolate flavors for coins include Hazelnut, Mango, Irish Creme, Raspberry, etc - subject to certain minimums) and a choice of color foils for our coins.
custom chocolate bar wrapper  mini candy bar wrapperscustom imprinted candy roll wrappers
Golf foil wrapped chocolate coin features smiling clown face.    Samples of custom printed silver and golf foil wrapped chocolate coins for hotel and or restaurant
use.    Silver foil wrapped chocolate coin with crescent design motif showing the happy couples first names, great wedding and party favor.

Picture of Usher Candy & Mints in  packets, rolls of 5, 7 or 14 candies or mini metal tins.  2 year shelf life.  All packages can be imprinted with your message.  Flavors-Peppermint, Spearmint, Wintergreen, Cinnamon and Tangy Assorted Fruit.

Mints & Candy Rolls available in packets,
rolls of 5, 7 or 14 and small tins.   
Available flavours: Peppermint, Spearmint, Wintergreen,
Cinnamon and Tangy Assorted Fruit.  
All imprinted in your colours with your message/logo/slogan.   
Ask about our stock image designs for all occasions.   

Biscotti For KidsÔ
We love them for their looks.  These sugar cookies are
unique and ideal for dunking into your favorite hot beverage.  A large assortment of stock shapes/designs for all occasions.  We also do custom shapes too!  All are made with natural ingredients, no nuts and FDA certified food colours, each one is between 3 inches in width by 5 inches in height,  cookie examples shown below:
                       Reindeer                  Happy Face Daisy
Reindeer shaped holiday sugar cookie   Happy Face Daisy sugar cookie, daisy shape with happy face in the middle.
Green turtle shaped sugar cookie with red hearts  decorated on shell.
wedding cake shaped sugar cookie
Wedding Cake

Fortune Cookies and Chopsticks
Original flavour fortune cookies and wooden chopsticks - both products can be custom imprinted.
Custom fortune cookies and custom imprinted chopsticks for any event.  
Original flavour cookies shown in photo, other flavours
available upon request.  
Your fortune awaits you.........just call !

We like to refer to the following as part of our Scrumptious Collection (or Willy WonkaÔ meets Neiman-MarcusÔ).  Below are just some of tempting treats in our Scrumptious Collection of chocolates, fruits, nuts, beans and holiday novelties.  All are available for use at any event from Weddings, Corporate, Retail and Promotional uses, please inquire.

1Tender dried cherries, apricots, blueberries covered in milk chocolate and fruit pastel coatings.  2Dried strawberries covered in dark chocolate and strawberry flavored white chocolate.  3Cheescake caramels bites.  4Lemon and blueberry shortbread bites with a crisp cookie center.  5Cantalope Wallabeans(R) (jelly beans)  6Buttered Popcorn Wallabeans(R) (jelly beans).

1= Tender dried cherries, apricots, blueberries in heavenly milk chocolate and fruit pastel coatings.
2= Sweet dried strawberries covered in dark chocolate & strawberry flavored white chocolate.
3= Cheesecake Caramels, words just can't describe them.  The treat I was waiting for without the baking!
4= Lemon Citrus & Blueberry married with a crisp cookie center.
5= Cantaloupe WallabeansÒ - a melon lovers delight.
6= Buttered Popcorn WallabeansÒ - forget the movies just bring me more !!!!!!!!!

Red and black checker game board with silver and red foil wrapped chocolate checkers - play win and eat.

Hmmmmm should I decide to eat my opponent or "KING" Him/her?    Well you decide with CHOCOLATE CHECKERS.  That's right folks, an attractive game board with 24 foil wrapped chocolate checkers, packaged in an attractive see-thru box.  Available with silver and red checkers or gold and red checkers.  For corporate clients we can also offer your logo foil stamped on each of the checkers, please inquire as to minimum quantities for custom checkers.

Mini milk chocolate shaped feet. jpgMini dark chocolate shaped feet. jpgMini milk chocolate shaped feet. jpg  Mini dark chocolate shaped feet. jpg Mini milk chocolate shaped feet. jpg  Mini dark chocolate shaped feet. jpg  Mini milk chocolate shaped feet. jpg  Mini dark chocolate shaped feet. jpg
An Extra-ordinary Feet : Deeeeeeeelicous tasty milk chocolate petite feet,  great for gifts.
 Use our Mistle-Toes for Christmas, our Mazel-Toes for any Jewish event, for new borns,
It's a boy, It's a girl and more.  Also available in white chocolate too!

Custom Personalized Hershey Kisses®
Hershey Kisses® available with your logo, message, slogan. Combine our stock label and your custom printed label for example use our Stock Happy Birthday on half the Kisses® and use a custom printed message on the other half of the kisses® or use our It's A Boy/Girl and on the custom label print the name, date of birth of your new baby boy/girl.
Hershey Kisses® with custom blue and white happy Birthday label. jpg. Hershey Kisses® with custom red and white company thank you label. gif Hershey Kisses® with custom yellow and black Smiley Face label. jpg.
Our stock label colors are: White,Yellow, Neon Red, Neon Green, Neon Orange,
 Neon Chartreuse, Gold Foil and Silver Foil.
Our stock ink colors are: black, silver, gray, light gray, brown, gold, dark blue,
medium blue, light blue, baby blue, pink, purple, teal, dark green, light green, mint green,
burgundy, ruby red, red, yellow, goldenrod, orange and orangyred.
Our labels(stickers/decals) are professionaly printed - they are not laser or inkjet quality,
so our quantites are higher then most other sources on the net!
And to save on shipping - we can supply the labels and you can purchase the
Hershey Kisses® at your local store!

12 oz bottles of SODY POP, personalized with your message on the label.
Everyone's  fav - SODY POP (12 oz bottles) and personalized just for your event !  Great for parties, birthdays', weddings, new product launches, corporate use, hotel/restaurants, anniversaries, Mothers' Day, Fathers' Day, etc... Choice of 14 flavours available and label choices too.  Ask us about Bottled Water with your name/label.  Choice of Plain water, sparkling water, sparkling flavored water and designer bottles.

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